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May 2016

Divine Stillpoint

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By Dr. Dana Anglund Divine StillPoint is the name I have come up with for how I treat patients.  It is the distillation of many different healing traditions, philosophies, and techniques.  The way I have formulated this curriculum it to be accessible to the layman as well as to be informative and useful for the master healer. The curriculum has six parts, and each class is designed to impart a particular set of skills. We begin with the first class,  Healer’s Consciousness.  This class is a meditative intensive where we will explore the various aspects of consciousness through specific yet simple meditations….

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Osteopathic Self Care

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At every scale of existence, life expresses itself as a process of transparent, interweaving ecosystems within ecosystems.  Each layer – molecule, cell, tissue, Earth, solar system, galaxy, Universe – brings detailed elements whose activities resonate throughout the Whole.  Within this grand dance, all behavior is the result of context.  All individual parts behave optimally and will thrive when in open, communal resonance with every other process in motion, and any part will wither when alienated by habituation, resistance or fear. In Osteopathy and Continuum Movement we are committing to the process of more and more deeply understanding how we participate…

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