Free Dinner Seminar! Revitalize your life!

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Does your body ache?  Are you stressed out?  Tired or Rundown? Join us for a FREE Dinner & one hour seminar at The Den Restaurant at Fox Hollow Golf Course. We host this FREE Dinner Seminar once per month so call in to be added to the list …seats fill fast!  *Seating is limited so call now to reserve your space 303-350-7990! Revitalize your Life! Learn how to relieve Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Stress Related concerns and transform your health. Attendees will enjoy a FREE Dinner!   We’ll touch on the importance of: Increased digestive health Improved sleep cycles Decreasing inflammation Managing…

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Probiotics Where? Surprising Places You Need Probiotics and Aren’t Getting Them

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Many of us know take probiotics for gut health, but there’s other places where they are also important for our health you may not have thought of. The emerging science on the flora in our gut is showing that the “microbiome” of our gut is far more important than we previously realized. The bacteria present in our gut helps with digestion, but much more than that. On top of that, the bacteria in our gut are involved with our personalities, moods, regulating inflammation and our immune system, preventing and fighting infections, and more. The balanced diversity of the bacteria is…

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OMT and Nutrition

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Osteopathic manipulations serve to help the body heal itself from the inside out.  By performing a variety of manipulations, a practitioner can open channels in the body which enable the innate healing powers of the body to bring more blood flow and energy to the treated regions.  This, in turn, helps the body to heal itself from injuries at a quicker rate than the body would naturally do on its own. What a person puts into their mouths on a daily basis also influences how the body can heal.  A diet high in pro inflammatory foods such as wheat, gluten,…

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