Introducing NeurOptimal Neurofeedback at OIM

Osteopathic Integrative Medicine (OIM) is proud to announce that we’re offering neurofeedback brain training sessions with what many consider the most advanced neurofeedback system, NeurOptimal. Even though it is highly complex, it is simple for the users and operators. This is a great tool to help enhance the brain along with osteopathic treatments or brain performance session.

Unlike many other neurofeedback systems, the user does not have to do anything with NeurOptimal. Once the session starts, one can read, nap, write emails, it doesn’t matter and it won’t have an effect on the efficacy of the session. NeurOptimal is a powerful tool that we are excited to have as a part of what we offer here at OIM. We are located in Lakewood, Colorado. Give us a call and book some sessions.

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What is NeurOptimal?

NeurOptimal is neurofeedback in the truest sense of the word. It is brain training. It is not designed to diagnose and treat any specific problem, but rather it gives the brain information about itself. Many problems do resolve as a result, but it is not the intention or aim of the neurofeedback to “fix” those issues.

The brain is given real-time feedback about how it is operating as an integrated whole. That way, the brain can see itself and then the brain can do what it wants with that information. Normally, the brain does not get feedback like this.

It is described like a mirror for your brain. Imagine that you had not seen yourself in a mirror in a long time and you thought that you looked great. So when you look in the mirror, you realize that your hair is a mess, you have things in your teeth, the clothes you’re wearing don’t look like you thought, then you can choose to make changes based on that information.

In many ways, NeurOptimal is an extension of how we function as osteopathic physicians. We’re technically not trying to “fix” or cure people’s problems, we help the body correct many of the issues it cannot correct on its own and often the problem a patient has resolves.

Who is it For?

In short, anyone looking to optimize their brain function. Anyone with a brain could benefit from this, including newborns and the elderly. Sometimes parents use it for their kids. I have even successfully run a session on my dog and noticed that it helped him with his anxiety and nervousness. People have reported improved sleep, focus, less anxiety and depression, headache relief, and better performance from NeurOptimal brain training. This is a great complement to the osteopathic treatments and brain performance sessions offered at OIM.

Athletes have used it for optimal performance. Some use it for ADHD, sensory integration disorders, and many other issues. NeurOptimal is not intended to be a diagnosis or treatment for these issues, but there are reports where people claimed benefits from these issues.

I don’t recommend spending time after a session scanning yourself to see if you have changed and trying to focus on certain parameters expecting things to change. It’s like meditation. If you were to meditate, you could say you are not different after a single meditation. After consistently meditating for a while, one can look back and realize that they are not necessarily the same person they were before. Sometimes people do notice changes after the first session, but I don’t recommend dwelling on it.

What Is a Session Like? 

It’s good to plan about an hour for everything. After getting hooked up, a session runs 33 minutes. First, we spend a few minutes hooking you up some sensors to your head on your ears and the side of your head above your ears. Next, we place ear buds in your ears. That is basically the set up process. It should take a few minutes.

At OIM, we let you relax on a lounge chair. During the session, you will hear some peaceful music through the ear buds. The sensors monitor your brain activity throughout. In the music, you will hear some quick “pauses” and “glitches.” These quick pauses are the feedback that your brain is getting about itself.

It is not important that you pay attention to the music and the pauses. Your brain will hear the information whether one is conscious of it or not. You can spend the session relaxing with your eyes closed, you can read, write emails on your phone, or spend your time how you would like. In the future, we are hoping to have movies for kids who can’t sit still for the full time.

It can also be possible to bundle the session with some of our other services. For example while you are lounging on the chair, you could also be getting an IV infusion and/or helping your legs with Footbeat.

How Many Sessions Does It Take? 

Just like with osteopathic treatments, there’s too many factors to say exactly what number of sessions it will take to be beneficial. Just like we all have unique bodies with unique life experiences and traumas that affect us, we all have unique brains. A diagnosis of “anxiety” can be different from person to person and there is no steadfast rule on how many sessions it will take to have an effect on it.

I recommend trying a round of 10 sessions. We will perform a pre and post assessment that is detailed to measure any perceived changes after each round of 10 sessions. That does not mean that one would not benefit from more sessions. If you feel like it’s helping and/or others feel like they’ve noticed changes in you, then keep going. I want to be clear that whether one perceives changes or not, the NeurOptimal session is having an effect on their brain.

How Frequently Do I Do the Sessions?

Sessions can be done at whatever pace people want to do. NeurOptimal sessions can safely be done daily, weekly, or at the frequency one wants to do. Those coming on for OMT or other services can do them on the same day.

Is Neurofeedback Covered By Insurance?

Unfortunately, neurofeedback is not covered by insurance, but is well worth the value it provides.

How Much is a Session?

NeurOptimal is a great complement to all the over services offered at OIM. It can work very well in conjunction with osteopathic treatments, brain performance treatments, or acupuncture. Give us a call and schedule some sessions today.

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