regenerative medicine

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Regenerative Medicine

We offer the latest and most advanced techniques that stimulate your body’s own repair mechanisms to regenerate soft tissues and restore normal function. These include stem cell, platelet-rich-plasma and prolotherapy injections, and are useful if you are experiencing joint pain, overuse injuries, or chronic pain and want to decrease pain and avoid (or delay) the need for surgery. Our regenerative medicine department also offers bio-identical hormone replacement.
Office visits/consults may be covered by insurance or the self-pay Fee- for -Service schedule is: Initial Consult: $250 Follow-up: $150
  • MT/MRT and LEAP food sensitivity testing

    We offer MT-MRT120 and LEAP 30-150 panels as recommended per physician consult. These blood panels will determine which dietary recommendations are best for you.
    Panel Costs vary from $245-$595