Vitality Protocols

Because YOU are worth it!

These programs are designed to empower you to not only take back your health but to thrive and become Vitally Well! We help you address chronic health concerns by focusing on the root cause of illness, rather than just the symptoms. We work collaboratively as a team to help you achieve your health goals. These programs combine education, individual mentoring, and accountability by addressing the five main pillars of health:

  • Cellular Health
  • Nutrition
  • Spiritual/ Emotional
  • Healthy Movement
  • Sleep

At OIM we want you to understand how the care we provide is different! It takes just 3 EASY STEPS to transform your health!

Step 1. Free Seminar

Come learn about our approach, what we can accomplish with your health, and how this experience can provide you lasting health, freedom, and joy in life.
RSVP is required – bring along a loved one or friend!
FREE SEMINAR ADMISSION – Call (303) 350-7990 to RSVP

Step 2. Wellness Consultation

An individual consultation is scheduled after attendance to a seminar. This appointment is a one-on-one visit with a Physician to review your unique health history, challenges and goals. At this meeting a customized wellness plan will be developed for you.

Step 3. Get Started!

Achieved by hundreds of people like you, our team of experts will empower you throughout your personalized health program to guide you to thriving health. Let’s execute the plan together, restore your health, and help you be vital.