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Welcome to OIM!

Osteopathic Integrative Medicine was founded in 2006 with the intention of offering the best possible individualized care focusing on health as opposed to disease. Treating patients the way we would want our family treated was the founding principle then and still is today as our team has grown to 4 physicians, 8 additional health service providers and 3 staff members.
What really makes us different is that our approach to caring for our patients focuses on the whole person. Health is about emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. We offer a unique, integrated approach to help our patient’s heal. Our deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, combined with the art and science of osteopathic care gives our patients a true path to health.
We are Denver’s largest and most experienced practice of its kind, with a broad range of capabilities that include osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), integrative medicine, regenerative medicine, nutrition and a complete range of supporting services. We treat the full range of patients, from newborn to elderly, and from wellness to those suffering chronic or debilitating pain to athletes seeking performance improvement.
A Complement to Traditional Medicine our therapies are designed to restore proper balance and biomechanical function to your body. And while these can be highly successful at treating a myriad of health problems, they are often optimally used alongside conventional care.
A traditional allopathic doctor is trained to treat the symptoms of illness; alternatively, an osteopathic doctor seeks to permanently correct the structural imbalances that cause the symptoms. Both are important to your health, and it is not our intention to take the place of your primary care physician. However, there are a number of health conditions for which osteopathic treatment can succeed when other approaches do not meet your needs.

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