In this month’s OIM staff spotlight, meet Kim Engell! Kim is our resident brain function expert. She uses biofield therapies, acupressure, trigger point therapy and stillpoint therapy to treat cognitive issues, anxiety disorders, traumatic brain injuries, concussions, learning disabilities and memory issues. She also uses the brain’s neuroplasticity to treat pain in the body.

Kim found this work after she suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2012. She fell backwards out of an office chair and hit her head on a concrete floor. This accident left her unable to walk, write, speak well, stand or make a decision. After months of traditional therapies didn’t lead to enough of a recovery for her to return to work full-time, she was searching for something else to try. A colleague of hers recommended she go see a woman who specializes in doing the same therapies that Kim does now. After a few therapies Kim began to see major improvements in her own brain and body function and was hooked. After fully recovering from her traumatic brain injury she sought out certification classes in the biofield therapies she uses. After completing her training and certification she eventually left her job after 30 years of working as a social worker to open her own practice in Fort Collins and treat patients at OIM.

Kim uses a hands-on approach to treating patients that tracks where energy in her patient’s body is flowing. Her techniques center on finding where energy is blocked and getting it moving again. She mainly concentrates on what is happening with her patient’s pulse and cerebral fluid. Those are the keys to unlocking inflammation and getting the body back to functioning the way it was designed to. On average, Kim finds it takes 4 to 6 sessions before her patients see big improvements. But seeing those huge improvements in her patients is truly what she loves about her job.

When she isn’t at work, you will find this Colorado native hanging out with her beloved shih tzu Buddy, reading, playing the guitar and singing. She also loves to garden and hike. Kim is a true Fort Collins native. She was born there, attended college at CSU and still calls Fort Collins home.