Free Dinner Seminar! Revitalize your life!

  • Does your body ache? 
  • Are you stressed out? 
  • Tired or Rundown?

Join us for a FREE Dinner & one hour seminar at The Den Restaurant at Fox Hollow Golf Course.

We host this FREE Dinner Seminar once per month so call in to be added to the list …seats fill fast!

 *Seating is limited so call now to reserve your space 303-350-7990!

Intuitive Movement EventRevitalize your Life!

Learn how to relieve Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Stress Related concerns and transform your health. Attendees will enjoy a FREE Dinner!


We’ll touch on the importance of:
Increased digestive health
Improved sleep cycles
Decreasing inflammation
Managing a healthy weight
Reducing stress
Reduced pain
Utilizing healthy movement
Detoxing safely
Presented by international speaker, physician, and leading wellness expert, Dana Anglund, D.O.

About Jenn Dougherty

Jenn has been practicing athletic training for 20+ years. She enjoys helping patients return to the physical activities that make them happy! She is also passionate about using the gifts of the earth, specifically essential oils and herbals, to help the body heal and has become an essential oil educator as well.


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