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Regenerative Medicine

What sort of conditions may be treated with Regenerative Medicine?

There are many issues that can be helped with Regenerative Medicine.

1. Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration

o Joint and cartilage issues including arthritis
o Tendon or ligament issues including sprains or strains
o Muscle tears
o Inflammation of any kind

2. Facial and Esthetic

o Fine lines and wrinkles
o Sagging skin
o Tissue loss due to aging
o Hair loss

3. Sexual health

o Genital rejuvenation for both men and women
o Bladder dysfunction and incontinence

4. Inflammatory

o Arthritis
o Autoimmune issues
o Chronic pain and inflammation syndromes
o Inflammatory bowel

5. Brain and Nervous system

o Traumatic brain injury
o Stroke
o Memory loss and brain fog
o Nerve injury and neuropathy
o Degenerative brain diseases

We offer the latest and most advanced techniques that stimulate your body’s own repair mechanisms to regenerate soft tissues and restore normal function. These include:

  • Prolotherapy
  •  Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP)
  • Regenerative Biologics – MSC Exosomes
  • The treatments are useful if you are experiencing joint pain, overuse injuries, or chronic pain and want to decrease pain and avoid (or delay) the need for surgery.