Used to repair and regenerate tissue

Stem Cell injection is a Regenerative Medicine modality that supports your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Stem cells are “master cells” that can become one of many types of cells in the body, and can also direct the body to repair and regenerate tissue.  Stem cells may be derived from adipose (fat) tissue, placenta, bone marrow, and blood. This procedure uses the special ability of the stem cells to become other types of cells, as well as special chemical signals stored in the stem cells to direct your body’s healing response.  This technique is a minimally uncomfortable procedure that is performed quickly and safely right in the doctor’s office. Some of these procedures may utilize extra imaging techniques such as ultrasound to guide the needle placement. But many do not need any specialized imaging. This regenerative medicine modality is specifically designed to help the body to initiate a healing and repair response targeted to the exact place that you need to be healed.  Also, stem cell therapy can help to resolve chronic inflammation. There are many applications for this technique including the repair of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. In addition, stem cells can be combined with other regenerative medicine modalities to bring healing to all sorts of issues including: facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, gential rejuvenation, and many other areas requiring targeted repair and regeneration of tissue.