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Osteopathic Integrative Medicine was founded in 2006 with the intention of offering the best possible individualized care focusing on health as opposed to disease. Treating patients the way we would want our family treated was the founding principle then and still is today as our team has grown to 5 physicians, 6 additional health service providers and 3 staff members.
What really makes us different is that our approach to caring for our patients focuses on the whole person. Health is about emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. We offer a unique, integrated approach to help our patient’s heal. Our deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, combined with the art and science of osteopathic care gives our patients a true path to health.

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Call now to schedule an appointment (303) 350-7990

What is Osteopathy?

At the heart of osteopathy is in the recognition of the body’s ability to heal itself, with some help. Therefore, when assessing the patient, the osteopathic physician considers the body as an integrated unit, comprised of multiple complex functions and interrelated structures.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) involves a wide variety of techniques applied to the neuromusculoskeletal system. These techniques can be applied to the joints, their surrounding soft tissues and fluids, muscles, nerves and membranes (fascia). OMM is not limited to any specific individual strain, or disease process. Anyone can benefit from OMM, as it addresses the neuromusculoskeletal or mechanical components of a disease, or complaint.

2018: The Year of the Mind

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This year I have decided to dedicate myself to developing my mind. Thus, I have dubbed 2018 “The Year of the Mind.” I’ve never done a New Year’s resolution and don’t necessarily consider this to be that. Developing my mind beyond anything I ever thought possible will be my focus this year and will continue long after this year. I have spent time developing my mind in the past, but not to the level I’m planning on this year. I welcome those who wish to join me with all or some of the things I’m doing below. Being an osteopathic…

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Tongue Tie Q & A with Sarah Hornsby, RDH, Oromyofunctional Therapist

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What is a tongue tie? Do you or possibly your children have tongue ties? Is there any reason to do anything about it? In this episode, Daniel Lopez, D.O. interviews registered dental hygienist and oral myofunctional therapist, Sarah Hornsby. This video discusses the controversial topic of tongue ties (aka – ankyloglossia) covering many questions related to tongue ties for children and adults. Tell the audience about yourself? How did you get to doing oral myofunctional therapy? (01:50) What do oral myofunctional therapists do? (04:30) Who is your ideal client base and what kinds of problems do people come to your…

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OIM Staff Spotlight: Dr. Jordanna Quinn

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Meet Dr. Jordanna Quinn, one of the incredible physicians dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. She specializes in Regenerative Medicine (RM) and Functional Medicine (FM). RM uses the body’s own ability to heal & grow tissue to create a healing response in itself. FM focuses on finding the root cause of a disease or dysfunction instead of just treating the symptoms. Dr. Quinn loves the fact that the body has innate abilities to heal itself. Her goal is to help it do just that. Her approach centers around listening to her patients and helping them achieve their health…

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We are located on W Jewell Ave between Wadsworth and Kipling across from Kendrick Lake. We are approximately 20 minutes from downtown Denver and 15 minutes from Red Rocks Amphitheater.

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